Friday, February 1, 2013

Make Money with Instant Rewards

What is Instant Rewards?

Instant Rewards is a platform that big companies like wal-mart,blockbuster,and other name-brand companies use to advertise to consumers. Instant Rewards targets individuals that want to test trial offers (products and services) and gives money and gifts to those that complete offers and refer others to do offers as well.

How do I make money from Instant Rewards?

You can make money from Instant Rewards by first completing trial offers and referring others to do the same. Doing this simple process you can make up to $90. You can refer friends,family members,and you can also refer others to complete the offers on social networks. This is not a get rich quick program but this is a company that you can earn legitimate extra money from. Some individuals are doing this full-time and making great income by just referring others to complete trial offers. My sponsor made over $7,000 in one month just by referring others to do trial offers. FYI you do not have to continue use of these products or services after your trial period is over,simply cancel before your trial ends to avoid being charged any fees for products.

Is this company a scam?

No Instant Rewards is a solid company that has paid thousands of people over the years for referring others to try products and services. This company is free to join,the only fees you have to pay is trial fees which is no more than a few bucks, however there are some free trial you can do as well.

How much money can I make with Instant Rewards?

The amount you can make with Instant Rewards not limited, you can make up to $90 per referral and you can refer as many people as you would like. So if you refer like 3 people you can make $300 daily.

How can I sign up for Instant Rewards?

You can sign up for Instant Rewards by going to and signing up you also have the option to do ZNZ which is a company just like Instant Rewards.

How to promote Instant Rewards?

You can start off by referring friends,family members,and co-workers. You can also do a youtube video,blog post,and posting on social media like facebook and twitter to get more people to sign up for IR.


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